How My Ex-Corporate Career Almost Killed Me At 24

Quick question: How many of you have had a NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE due to your job? Because I have. And it scared me enough to leave it. And by the way, I’m not talking about something figurative here… I actually NEARLY DIED, thanks to my job. But before I go on, let me share a little [...]

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7 Deadly Mistakes In Your Headline That Could Be Killing Sales (And How To Fix Them Instantly)

  Many businesses have a great product or service. But for some reason, these businesses seem to lose a large chunk their market share to other companies with “lesser” or inferior offers. If your responsible for the performance of your company (as a business owner or in a position with executive responsibilities), then this could [...]

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Always Over Delivering…

A client of mine engaged a web designer before bringing me onboard. Paid him 2k to revamp the site. Not a big amount, but not irrelevant either. I took a look at the new site. It looks bad. And according to my client, the designer is a tad arrogant, slow in delivering, and demanding. Yeah... [...]

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Copying content…

A few weeks back, there was this guy who copied my copy. Then he signed up for my website persuasive analysis. So i gave him some feedback on why this copied version would not work. Despite that, he still went ahead and spent money on ads to see if he'll get conversions. He did not. [...]

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I learned something new about myself yesterday

During a meeting with a client, I was telling her about my Japan trip, and how I spent almost half the time cooped up in some café doing copy and planning strategies. And she told me, “You’re such a workaholic!” And I’m like woaaahh whaattt?? That's news to me because I’ve never considered myself one. [...]

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Are You a Commodity to Your Client?

There's one problem many service providers seem to face: Being Seen As A Commodity By Their Clients. It's such a shame, because many service providers, be it web designers, facebook marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters etc, have in-depth knowledge about what they do. It's just that they fail to let their clients and prospects see that. [...]

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Golden rule of copywriting and marketing: Target Market trumps Execution all the time.

No matter how good your campaign or how slick your copy, it’ll probably fall flat if you don’t understand your target market well enough. That’s because copywriting and marketing is all about THEM. It’s about crafting messages that can resonate with THEM. It’s about stirring up their emotions and leading THEM down the path to [...]

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My Trademark Question

One question I always like to ask business owners: Why should I buy your products/engage your services instead of your competitors’? (My trademark question) Basically, I’m asking for their Unique Selling Point (USP). I like to know this because if you don’t have a strong differentiation, what’s stopping me from going over to your competitors? [...]

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Successful Businesses Have One Thing In Common

All successful businesses have one thing in common: Constant education to their prospects about the perks of doing business with them. This can be done through ads, social media, brochures, or any channels that allow communication with their prospects. Failure to Educate = Failure to Sell. So here are 5 basic pieces of info you [...]

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Most mediocre businesses are small fishes in a big pond.

Everyone fighting for the same limited number of customers, yet no one has a discernible advantage over the other. Profits will always be meager in that kind of setting. They may think that because the particular market they’re in is so big, there’re plenty of customers to go around. What they fail to consider is [...]

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