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Always Over Delivering…

A client of mine engaged a web designer before bringing me onboard. Paid him 2k to revamp the site. Not a big amount, but not irrelevant either.

I took a look at the new site. It looks bad. And according to my client, the designer is a tad arrogant, slow in delivering, and demanding. Yeah… the vendor is demanding. Not the client.

Basically, his attitude changed completely after he got his 2k advance payment.

And so i advised my client to get rid of him ASAP, once he completes the bare minimum of what he’s required to do, and i’ll introduce some of my web dev/design partners to him.

He will not get his money’s worth. But that’s better than dragging on a relationship that’s doomed to failure and missed opportunities.

Vendors like this will never have a long-term and sustainable business. In order to do that, it takes more than just closing “quick sales”. That’s a hit-and-run strategy.

One of the most important aspects to that is your reputation. Everyone knows that bad news spread quicker than good. Just one disgruntled client who bad mouths you, and your reputation could be damaged severely.

That’s why i always make it a point to over-deliver for my clients, and my partners share the same beliefs as well!

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