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My 3 Most Important Business Lessons Ever


I’ve been running Wordplay for 3 years. Still lots of things i need to figure out. But i’ve also figured out lots of other things. Here are the top 3:

1) Business Model

business-idea-680787_960_720Most businesses under-estimate the importance of having a proper business model.

This is underrated by many. There’re many definitions of business model online, but i see it as how i structure my business to make the most profits possible, while putting in the least work. In short, work less make more.

I used to neglect my business model. As a result, my effort to profits ratio was skewered. Took me more than a year to fix and refine it. That’s why i can go on so many vacations now, and still have profits coming in ?

2) Lead Generation

graph-841606_960_720Investing in marketing is always worth it if you can get the correct ROI for your business.

Do you know that for close to 1 year, i did not spend a single cent on marketing, but still got in consistently massive streams of leads?

That was through my frequent content-heavy posts, like this one, on various online platforms. Seriously did not expect it to gain traction and results at such high levels.

Eventually though, i had to spend on marketing. Colder leads was a huge untapped market for me. SEO and FB. My 2 main sources of leads. I’m spending close to 5k a month on those 2 channels today.

Well worth it… cos sales is much higher than investment. Meaning, Sky-high ROI.

3) Sales

adsAlways remember to be confident

This was a tough one. I’m not one of those natural salesman types. I had to train myself to get good at it, then kept on improving to get great at it.

I’m proud to say that today, being able to close prospects of all sorts, without actually selling to them (they always make the first move to buy), is one of my best business accomplishments.

So how did i get good and great at it? Through one simple philosophy: Just Whack.

Overcome all inhibitions towards sales. Be confident. Have the mindset that I need to close them, because they need my product/service… or their business will fail or be stagnant.

Something like the “with great power comes great responsibility” kinda thing. Or just whack la. Whichever works.

So did you find my 3 lessons useful? I hope so, because there’s a lot more where that came from!

If you like to discover how Wordplay’s marketing strategies can take your business to the next level, fill in your contact details below, we’ll contact you, arrange a meet-up (coffee’s on you)… and get ready to have your mind-blown!

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