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The Cheat Sheet to Emotional Persuasion

How do people make their decisions? How do they choose between product A and product B? What makes them surrender their money after simply reading a long form sales copy? Well, persuasive copywriters see that buying behaviour is not always crafted by logic and common sense; oftentimes, it is driven by impulse. It’s the emotions brought by the advertisement that makes people want to buy a certain product or subscribe to a service, regardless of the myriad reasons not to do so.

If you may notice, persuasive copywriters invest heavily on learning what ignites the emotions of their target customers when working on a sales copy. This is because emotional persuasion, aside from offering an easier way to the hearts of customers, has a lasting effect compared to using the tenets of function and reason.

Among the reasons your business needs to use emotional persuasion are:

  1. Your customers are driven by their emotions to do things.

If you are to study market psychology, you will learn that people are driven by certain emotions to do certain things, or in this context, spend their money on some product or service. Among the standout emotions are greed, fear, and vindication.

People are greedy and they want to get as much as they can, and you can use this to persuade them that they can get the most, if not all of your products. They live in the fear of missing out, and you can help them avoid it. They also want to stand out, and through your product they can glitter and sparkle amidst the crowd. Of course, they have to do just one tiny thing in return, and that’s to click your “buy now” button.

  1. Your customers always yearn for fulfilment.

Every person wants to feel accomplished and take pride in their sense of fulfilment. Hence, some of them join contests, run in races, and strive hard to achieve success. This yearning needs to be addressed, and they will submit to whoever offers them a ticket to fulfil this need.

You can then highlight their yearning when marketing your product. If you are able to make them feel fulfilled with what you are offering, then the more likely they will subscribe to your business.

  1. Your customers want to feel like they belong to the “cool” and “in” crowd.

Nobody wants to ever be left behind. Sometimes they want to be left alone, but never behind. They always yearn to feel cool and be part of a crowd. They want to be accepted, that’s why there are fraternities, organizations, clubs, and interest groups.

But establishing a sense of belongingness isn’t easy. People always feel that they need something to hold or showcase in order to be accepted by the crowd they want to be in. You can then invest on this flaw to persuade your market into becoming your loyal customers.

You can package your business as a means of necessity, and make them think that without your brand by their side, they will never be able to achieve completeness, acceptance, and belongingness in their chosen crowds.

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