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5 Simple & Persuasive Copywriting Tips You Wish You’d Known


I’ve been critiquing and analyzing many sales/content pieces recently, mostly from friends, students and our very own copywriting team.

Here are 5 tips/feedback i gave them about writing styles.

BTW, I don’t normally focus on the nitty-gritty stuff like this (more big picture stuff like the psychology/strategy behind the words), but the more technical parts of writing are important for conversions as well.

1) Make Your Sentences Shorter

Long-ass sentences are hard to read. Short sentences are punchy. Direct. Engaging. One sentence can even be one word. I.E. Look at sentence above. If you need to write long-ass sentences, break it apart using commas.

2) There’re No English Language Rules To Follow

My English teacher used to tell me not to start sentences with “But” or “And”. I’ve read articles like “27 Words Never To Use In Writing” or something like that. Bullshit. All that is bullshit. There’re no rules. As long as it sounds “right”, feel free to use it.

3) Use punctuation tricks like ” ” and … etc

These tricks help to draw instant attention to parts of your content. So use them during important moments or points you want to emphasize and get eyeballs.

4) Bold, Underline, Italic Key Points

Another cheap trick to get certain parts of your copy quick attention. I use this a lot, especially when writing headlines. WARNING: Don’t overuse them though, or it’ll lose the effect.

5) List Down Action Steps You Want People To Take

You’ll be surprised at how “idiotic” some people can be, even when it comes to simple stuff like filling up a contact form. So list down exactly what you want your readers to do (if you’re including a CTA in your copy) in easy-to-understand steps.

6) Read Your Copy/Content Aloud When You’re Done

(Yes i said 5 tips. I’m sure you won’t mind an extra one though)
When you’re done writing, read it out loud. If it sounds natural, like you’re talking, then we’re good to go. If it sounds like a textbook or a report, you’re screwed (unless you want it to be that way on purpose). Conversational styles almost always get more engagement, and are more persuasive.

Want more tips? Fill in your details below, and get ready for a buffet of persuasive copywriting treats! In exchange for all that business-scaling insights, just buy us coffee. Well worth it !

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