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3 Copywriting Myths Busted!


People think they know what copywriting is about. Most don’t actually. And they can’t, unless they’ve been doing this awhile, like me.

I corrected some of my students’ misconceptions about copywriting during the workshop. Here are 3 of them:

1) You Need To Know The Product To Sell The Product

board-597190_1920You don’t need to be an expert in that product to sell it

I’ve written copy for all sorts of clients from all sorts of industries. Investment, education, CRM, shipping, property and many many more.

Doesn’t mean i’m an expert at whatever my clients are selling. When i was starting out, i did put in the time to understand my clients’ products in-depth. But after a while, i realise that i don’t really need to know the product that much.

Because a great persuasive copy is target audience-centric. Not product-centric. I don’t need to be a product expert. Just a target audience psychology expert.

In fact, many of my clients give me free reign to write whatever i want, as long as it sells. And because my way sells better, they’ll change their product benefits, selling points, USP etc based on my copy.

2) Reading Copywriting Books Will Improve Your Copywriting

knowledge-1052010_1920Books will only cover the basics on the subject

I’ve never read a single copywriting-related book cover to cover. That’s not how i learn. Books can give you foundational knowledge on the subject. That’s all. To get great, books don’t cut it.

Instead of reading books, read copy. Real, live copy you can click thru from your FB newsfeed, or wherever else online.

Put yourself in the shoes of the audience that particular copy is writing to. Then think: will this compel me to take action?

If no, why? What did the copy do wrong? How can you avoid making the same mistake? If yes, why? What elements made you want to take action? How can you create the same in your own copy?

Armed with your new knowledge and perception, start writing and practicing. For me, I make it a point to read 1 new live copy everyday. Try it. It’s much better than books or videos or reports etc.

3) It’s Easy To Write A Killer Persuasive Copy

study-1231393_1920Most people have the misconception that copywriting is easy

Maybe easy isn’t the most accurate word. But most people certainly underestimate exactly how tough it is to come up with a sales pitch in text.

I probably killed billions of my brain cells writing copy. Thinking about copy. Strategising about copy.

Interesting watching my students with their “brain-fried” expressions. It’s actually quite funny (in a sadistic way, heh).

Those brain cells won’t die in vain though. Eventually, once they get it, once everything “clicks”, it’ll be a lot more simple. And that’s when the killer copy will be churned out effortlessly. Or at least, without as much pain.

When the leads, sales and profits start pouring in, they’ll see that the end result will be worth the sacrifice!

Did you find this useful? If yes, you’re in for a treat… because we have so much more to share! Make an appointment with our copywriting strategists, and get ready for a sudden and massive influx of red-hot leads in your business!

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