Content Marketing

One of the best ways to sell is to not sell, but make your prospects buy… willingly and happily. And how do you do that? Simple. Through education-heavy, value-packed content articles of course.

This will help establish your brand as an authority in your niche, cultivate a loyal group of brand champions and most importantly, help you increase your sales massively through organic means.

Have a look at Wordplay’s E.R.P. Approach to content marketing:


In order for the content article to gain traction and organic traffic, it has to be engaging. By that, we mean content that hooks your readers in, making them gobble up word after word.

Remember the page-turning crime/romance/fantasy novel you can’t seem to put down? Our content has a similar effect on your readers.

When that happens, it’s easy to engage with them, capture their imagination, and lead them to think/do whatever you want them to.


Different products, services and industries have their own unique tone and style of writing, depending on who the target audience is.

There’s one common denominator though: Relatability.

Our content articles are heavily based on target audience psychology. We make them feel that you understand them. You know what they’re going through. You can relate to them.

This will elevate your status greatly. You’ll not be just a company or service provider. You’ll be a trusted adviser and expert. And that means your audience will like you, trust you, and ultimately, buy from you.


Through your content, we’ll bring out your brand values, identity and personality. In short, we’ll personalize your message to make it unique to you, and you alone.

This gives you instant recognition among your target audience. You’ll stand out like a shining beacon and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

It’ll not be one of those run-of-the-mill content you can find anywhere else. Instead, your content will be heavily-shared, go viral on social media, and give your brand the reach and status it deserves.

These 3 elements combine to form the E.R.P. Approach; a potent mix of purposeful, contagious and lead-attracting content pieces.

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