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Avoid This Copywriting Cliché Like The Plague!


Are you going through any of these problems?

– No Money

– No Girlfriend

– No Life

– No whatever etc blah blah blah


…Really? Seriously?

Spent the morning reading through some sales letters online to gain some new insights. More than half of them started off with something like that.

During my workshop, i told my students NOT to follow these copywriting cliches. They’ve been done to death. It’s boring. Not to mention, quite ludicrous.

C’mon… it’s obviously not, and never will be, the most important letter i’ll ever read. Sheesh. Talk about corny.

It’s not just this… there’re plenty of other overused phrases and techniques i see. They may have worked some time back. But when everyone starts using them, they lose potency and become ineffective.

The key here is to innovate. Do something different. Do something better. Do things that no one, or not many, are doing.

light-bulbs-1125016_1920Be different. Dare to innovate.

That’s why i tell my students to read at least 1 sales letter everyday. It’ll help them to see what others are doing, so they can do something else that’s more powerful.

Combine that with knowledge of psychology, countering objections and target audience profile, that’s when the copy will convert massively.

So avoid copywriting cliches like the plague. It’s the only way to take your skills to the next level!

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