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How My Ex-Corporate Career Almost Killed Me At 24

Quick question:

How many of you have had a NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE due to your job?

Because I have. And it scared me enough to leave it. And by the way, I’m not talking about something figurative here…

I actually NEARLY DIED, thanks to my job.

But before I go on, let me share a little about myself:

My name is Bjorn. I’m a PERSUASIVE copywriter and marketer who works with SMEs and business owners to do one thing:

Getting them only QUALIFIED LEADS. Leads who are ready to buy. Who WANT to buy. Who have their wallets out, HUNGRY to buy!

But just 1 and a half years ago… That wasn’t the case.

I was an advertising copywriter. Or more bluntly put:

I was a (lowly) corporate employee.

I had no say in a large part of my work. I was not given the option or opportunity to think FOR my client… I was only ordered to work FOR them.

And it didn’t really help that I was in the advertising industry in Singapore. Because simply put, it’s one of the toughest industries to be in.

It’s basically hell on earth. Most of us work 10-14 hours a day, consistently. Knocking off on time is a myth. But do you want to know what’s the worst part?


Every day is a battle, between you and your clients. You and your colleagues. You and your superiors. And in every battle, there are winners and losers. There’s no in between.

So as a lowly employee, guess which camp I ended up in most of the time?

You got it: the LOSER camp.

Your clients will raise hell for any piece of work they’re not happy about.  Your superiors will scream and shout at you for the slightest mistakes. Your peers will subtly and secretly try to screw you over.

Which leads me to MY near-death experience. Because one day…

I experienced all three.



The day started out pretty normal. I walked in to work, made myself a cup of coffee, and settled down.

Just 30 seconds later, my boss walked towards me. (For privacy’s sake, I will use a gender-neutral name: Alex.

Before I could even say anything, Alex began shouting:

“Remember the print ad you submitted yesterday for *client*? Did you know you got the whole damn brief WRONG?”

Long story short, it wasn’t my mistake. The account executive I was working with gave me a brief that wasn’t updated. Hence the error.

An error which the client unceremoniously berated Alex for, just half an hour before I came in to work.

But when I tried to explain the situation, the account executive didn’t bother defending me.

In other words: I was made to look like the culprit, desperately trying to claim his innocence. But to no avail.



Now, here’s where I nearly died:

Blinded and confused by anger, I strolled out of the building. Decided that it was best for me to take a breather.

I was walking and walking, lost in thought about what just happened…

When I absent-mindedly stepped out onto a road.

A van was speeding toward me at top speed, and before I knew it, I fell back on the pavement as the van flashed by, missing me by a few inches.

If I had taken just a single step forward… Well, I wouldn’t be writing this to you right now.



There’s no one to blame but myself for stepping out onto the road without looking out for traffic. But it definitely wouldn’t have happened, if not for the early morning office “saga”.

And so… This entire episode made me think:

– How many more times do I have to go through the struggles and pains of being a corporate employee like this?

– How many more times do I have to be wrongfully blamed… While having to suck it all up?

– How many more times do I have to simply lie down and accept the situation I’m in, because of the lack of control as a corporate “slave”?

There and then, I decide: Enough is enough.

I want to live on my own terms from now. I want to be in control of my destiny. I will no longer leave my fate in someone else’s hands.

That’s how I became a persuasive copywriter and marketer.

Does this mean being an entrepreneur means I will no longer be wrongfully treated? Nope.

Does this mean I will no longer have to deal with potentially “back-stabbing” peers, colleagues, and clients? Nope. (Although thankfully that hasn’t happened yet)

Does this mean my life and career will become a lot smoother, now that I’m in control? HECK NO!

But the fact is: I’m in control.

In my time as a persuasive copywriter, I’ve learned a very important lesson about entrepreneurship:

It’s not for the faint-hearted. The weak. The submissive. The indecisive. The security-oriented.

Those people make great employees.

It’s for those who want to succeed. Who NEED to succeed.

It’s for those who are HUNGRY to achieve their goals. Those who aren’t content with accepting their crappy, boring, “safe” circumstances. Those who opt to CREATE their own circumstances instead.

I guess that’s why you and I are entrepreneurs, right?

If you’ve read up to this point, I want to ask you a question:

Are you HUNGRY enough? Are you DESPERATE enough to want to make sure you don’t go back to being an employee?

Because if you are… You’ll have to take measures. Measures to keep your business or enterprise alive. Measures to ensure you stay on top of your market.

And among these important measures… Marketing is a KEY element.

Without marketing, you can forget about running ANY profitable business (unless you have a product or service that absolutely NO ONE ELSE can offer). I guarantee it.

In other words:

Powerful, effective, profits-churning marketing is a MUST-HAVE for any entrepreneur who wants to STAY as one.

And just to be clear:

This is not only meant for new entrepreneurs. It’s for ALL of us. You can be someone who has run his/her business for just a couple of years… Or even a couple of decades. Doesn’t matter.

Marketing evolves all the time. It’s ever-changing. Never stays the same. That’s why only businesses who innovate all the time become successful and STAY successful.

That’s what I want to help you achieve. To not only achieve success… But maintain it. Protect it. Breed it. Grow it!

Interested to find out more about how you can do that… Through a highly effective, highly PROVEN, tried-and-tested strategy?

I’m sure that if you’re a serious entrepreneur, you will be!

So take the next step now. Move forward. Fill up the form below, and I’ll get back to you shortly to share more:

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