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    “Raised Our Prices By 66%, Yet Increased Our Revenue By Almost 2X!”

    “Our old website kept getting consulting prospects that didn’t understand our value and weren’t willing to pay.

    Getting Ronald to weigh-in proved to be a good decision. His persuasive copy was laser-focused on our target audience. Not only could we raise our prices by 66%, we also saw a consistent increase in revenue by almost 2X!

    Ronald is a masterful strategist that knows how to get in the heads of our customers for a persuasive advantage. If you’re stuck with a dead-end website that isn’t converting, he’s your go-to-guy!”



    Eugene Cheng, Director,
    HighSpark (Presentation and
    Storytelling Strategists)

    “Hypnotized My Prospects To Meet With Me!”

    “Ronald’s persuasive copy literally hypnotized my prospects to meet with me! Before engaging him for his persuasive copy, it was difficult to stand out among all the numerous financial consultants out there. Ronald helped me come up with a strong USP that differentiated me from others, and identified a gap in the market that I can capitalize on. His marketing funnel was also expertly crafted and took full advantage of the power of online marketing.

    The result? He helped me get 250 leads in just 1 month, and increased my sales by 80%! And that’s just the start! I’m looking forward to having a record-breaking year thanks to him! Anyone looking to gain a lot of leads fast, Ronald is your guy!”



    Helmi Hakim, Financial Strategist

    300 Leads In 2 Months, More Than 50% Increase, $5,000 Over-Delivered!

    Ronald’s persuasive copy is a game-changer! Thanks to his work, we saw a 50% increase in leads compared to our old copy, and got 300 leads in just 2 months! He also helped us exceed our sales target and make a “bonus” income of $5,000!

    Ronald is the guy you must look for if you’re looking to make fast and huge profits. We’re looking forward to partnering long term with him and taking our business to the next level!”



    Wendy Swee, Director, Wayguru Productions Pte Ltd (E-Commerce Profits Trainer)