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Copying content…

A few weeks back, there was this guy who copied my copy. Then he signed up for my website persuasive analysis. So i gave him some feedback on why this copied version would not work.

Despite that, he still went ahead and spent money on ads to see if he’ll get conversions. He did not. He blew hundreds of dollars without getting anything in return.

How did i know? Because he emailed me over the weekend and asked to meet up. Wanted me to write a persuasive copy that can convert for him. I decided to quote him a higher than usual rate, just for kicks.

How the tables have turned, eh?

This made me think about the whole copying others issue. And i concluded that actually, i’m totally fine with people copying my work.

That is, If they ask me for permission. Heck, i’ll even give them feedback on how to copy the “right way” so that it’ll get good conversions, and it’s not plagarism,

What i really do not like is people doing things behind my back. Sneaking around like a thief in the night with something to hide. I really do not like that kind of behavior.

So just ask me, and you shall receive (probably). I’m pretty cool about most things, if you ask me straight.

If you manage to do a good job of writing a copy modelled after mine, that’s to your credit. I’ll even give you a pat on the back for a job well done!

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