Landing Pages

Here’s something that may be surprising to you: We’ve helped business owners bring in 5, 6 and even 7 figure returns through the persuasive power of our sales pages!

Yup. You read right. That wasn’t a typo. Of course, results like this is only possible through lots of careful strategizing and planning.

Not everyone have the persuasive chops to bring in big numbers like that. We’re one of the few who can.

And here’s how we do it through our EPIC Formula:


It may be a “sales page”, but the best form of selling is through education. Before the leads and sales come in, you need to overcome natural barriers and objections your prospects are bound to have.

The most effective way to do this is to educate. Show them why they need your product. What problems it can solve. What desires it can fulfil. Why yours is better than your competitors’. And many, many more.


A sales page is essentially a sales pitch in words. Meaning how you sell in person, is adapted closely to how you sell on your page.

This means persuasive and psychological triggers are subtly but effectively used throughout. We help you, or your top salesperson, “clone” your killer sales pitch, and blast it out to hundreds and thousands of your prospects at one go.

Massive persuasion at a massive scale, leads to massive conversions. Period.


At the end of the day, your sales page must inspire decisive action. Whether it’s to fill in contact details, download your newsletter, or make the purchase, a sales page’s main objective is to generate a direct response.

We’ll help you do exactly that, by instilling elements of curiosity, excitement and anticipation in our sales copy. These are action-inspiring emotions that will compel a direct response action from your audience.


Unlike many other copywriters, who write in a “professional” (AKA boring) way, we specialise in unique conversational styles that are engaging and entertaining.

It’ll be just like you speaking directly to your prospects. And you can be sure that our way gives you much higher conversions than the typical boring way of writing.

Our EPIC Formula gives you epic conversions not found anywhere else. With a persuasive sales landing page in your marketing arsenal, get ready to enjoy a boom in your leads, sales and profits… FAST!

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