The Importance Of Marketing The Most Lucrative Brand: YOURSELF

The Importance Of Marketing The Most Lucrative Brand: YOURSELF There is a saying that goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fight for nothing.” Truer words have never been spoken, especially if you’re in the business of running your own business. There is much at stake when you’re a business owner. A whole new [...]

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5 Simple & Persuasive Copywriting Tips You Wish You’d Known

I've been critiquing and analyzing many sales/content pieces recently, mostly from friends, students and our very own copywriting team. Here are 5 tips/feedback i gave them about writing styles. BTW, I don't normally focus on the nitty-gritty stuff like this (more big picture stuff like the psychology/strategy behind the words), but the more technical parts [...]

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My 3 Most Important Business Lessons Ever

I've been running Wordplay for 3 years. Still lots of things i need to figure out. But i've also figured out lots of other things. Here are the top 3: 1) Business Model Most businesses under-estimate the importance of having a proper business model. This is underrated by many. There're many definitions of business model online, [...]

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Avoid This Copywriting Cliché Like The Plague!

Are you going through any of these problems? - No Money - No Girlfriend - No Life - No whatever etc blah blah blah Then this is THE MOST IMPORTANT LETTER YOU'LL EVER READ! ...Really? Seriously? Spent the morning reading through some sales letters online to gain some new insights. More than half of them [...]

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3 Copywriting Myths Busted!

People think they know what copywriting is about. Most don't actually. And they can't, unless they've been doing this awhile, like me. I corrected some of my students' misconceptions about copywriting during the workshop. Here are 3 of them: 1) You Need To Know The Product To Sell The Product You don't need to be [...]

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3 Huge Content Marketing Myths Debunked

Dear Entrepreneur/Business Owner, In the course of my work as a marketer, I frequently meet ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners like you. Inevitably, our conversations mostly revolve around copywriting/marketing, and Content Marketing is a topic that comes up more often than not. From what I’ve gleaned from these interactions, I’m very surprised at the sheer [...]

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How My Ex-Corporate Career Almost Killed Me At 24

Quick question: How many of you have had a NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE due to your job? Because I have. And it scared me enough to leave it. And by the way, I’m not talking about something figurative here… I actually NEARLY DIED, thanks to my job. But before I go on, let me share a little [...]

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7 Deadly Mistakes In Your Headline That Could Be Killing Sales (And How To Fix Them Instantly)

  Many businesses have a great product or service. But for some reason, these businesses seem to lose a large chunk their market share to other companies with “lesser” or inferior offers. If your responsible for the performance of your company (as a business owner or in a position with executive responsibilities), then this could [...]

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