Website Persuasive Copy

Many SME websites today serve as an “online shopfront” or an “online brochure”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Doing that means your website is not conversion-optimized. Which leads to little or no enquiries. But if you want to break the norm, and make your website a huge catchment area for hot leads, our 1-2-3 Website Formula can do that. And it only takes 3 simple steps!

Here’s the gist of how it works:

Step 1: Home Page

Most of your site visitors land on your home page first. That’s why this is the most critical page to “control” their surfing behaviour, and ensure they end up where you want them to (filling up the contact form).

How we do this, is by crafting attention-grabbing and curiosity-generating headlines, coupled with clear call-to-action buttons, which compels your audience to click only where we want them to.

Step 2: “The Bridge Page”

This can be any other page on your website. The Home Page will drive clicks to a variety of other bridge pages, because it’s important to test out all page performances.

Next, analytical tools will track the performance of each page in terms of conversions. Once the “winning pages” are determined, the home page will channel more traffic to them.

Step 3: Contact Page

The final step is to influence them to give you their contact details. Most of the persuasion has already been done in the first 2 steps.

The only thing to note is to make your contact form simple to use, with just the right amount of fields to make filling it up a breeze.

Our 1-2-3 Website Formula has been proven to turn organic traffic into an army of red, hot leads. With this simple but powerful formula, your website conversions will shoot through the roof!

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