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3 Huge Content Marketing Myths Debunked

Dear Entrepreneur/Business Owner,

In the course of my work as a marketer, I frequently meet ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners like you.

Inevitably, our conversations mostly revolve around copywriting/marketing, and Content Marketing is a topic that comes up more often than not.

From what I’ve gleaned from these interactions, I’m very surprised at the sheer number of Content Marketing untruths out there.

It really pains me to see businesses brimming with so much potential missing out BIG TIME on such a potentially powerful business weapon, just because of a few misconceptions!

That’s why I’ve decided to take the time to list down and debunk the 3 most common Content Marketing Myths I’ve gathered so far.

Read on to find out what these 3 Huge Myths are, and how you can potentially turn them around to your business advantage!

Myth 1: Nobody reads content anymore. It’s too long!

This Myth most likely came about as a result of the belief that people’s attention spans are increasingly getting shorter, especially in such an instant-gratification era.

That’s possibly why some businesses prefer to push out “catchy slogans” and “cute gifs”, which are designed for people to consume in mere seconds.

It’s either that, or the longest that they would go is a short maximum-one-page kind of article.

However, what meaningful and purposeful message can possibly be communicated in such a short timeframe…let alone compel people to leave their contact details behind (i.e. perform an action that moves them further along your sales funnel)?

Or at the very least, make them look forward to the content you’ll post in the future?

Therefore, it’s obvious that there definitely needs to be more value-added information communicated to people in order for them to take action.

And even if some people drop out of your content citing that it’s too long, chances are, they’re not really your qualified potential customers anyway!

Just think about this – for instance, as an entrepreneur or business owner serious about taking your business to the next level, I’m sure you’ll read useful related content, even if it’s a little longer than what you’re probably used to.

And if you’re really pressed for time, you’d save the link so as to read it later, right?

Hence, it’s not true that people don’t read content…but rather, they ONLY read content that’s relevant AND educational for them.

By providing them with frequent educational content, your target audience will be more likely to warm up to you and look forward to reading more of your useful advice!

Truth 1: Content Marketing educates your target audience on what they should know with regards to your industry, and showcases your expertise in this area!

Myth 2: Everyone does Content Marketing. There’s no way I can stand out!

It may seem as though your market is saturated enough, with all the fancy hustle and bustle content going on nowadays.

I would agree with that, but only if the content you’re going to introduce sounds similar to everyone else’s, i.e. they’re “creative” or essentially just content fillers.

Your target audience is most likely exposed to such “lazy” content that are seemingly a rehash of other content on a regular basis.

Now, this is where your golden opportunity lies!

Since they’re probably tired of seeing the same type of content being recycled over and over again, you can simply provide your target audience with much higher quality content.

By constantly engaging them through practical tips and strategies unique to your business, or via interesting stories about your clients or even yourself, this unique brand voice will definitely rise above the “me-too” clutter in your market.

This will portray you as the go-to authority in your field, as you not only provide practical value, but more importantly, you’re involving your target audience in your business on an emotional level through relatable stories and case studies.

All these will benefit your business greatly in the near future – that is, your target audience will more likely become your fans and be primed to buy from you as opposed to your competitor!

Truth 2: Content Marketing brands your business as a cut above the rest, and enables your target audience to relate to you as more than just a faceless company!  

Myth 3: Content Marketing has no ROI. I’d just be wasting money!

Out of these 3 Myths, this is probably the biggest factor holding most entrepreneurs and business owners back from investing in a solid Content Marketing strategy.

You’re certainly not wrong, as we all know that almost everything in business and marketing is about ROI.

It’s true that a piece of content may not necessarily result in direct ROI in the form of qualified leads (although some of our clients have experienced pretty good results from content itself, as a nice bonus).

Instead, the value of content is largely presented in education and branding as mentioned above. These are extremely vital in setting up your target audience’s frame of mind to buy from you, once you directly offer your product or service.

In addition, by testing different content angles via Content Marketing, you’ll have concrete measurable data on which topics interest your target audience (determined based on e.g. engagement on Facebook etc).

This allows you to tweak your future marketing efforts to be geared towards what really interests your target audience.

This means that with a much better understanding of what makes your target audience tick, you’d be looking at saving loads of marketing dollars in the long run!

What’s more – it’s plausible to add “softer” persuasive elements in your content, so that it may potentially result in leads directly generated from the content itself!

Truth 3: Content Marketing primes your target audience to buy from you in the near future, and helps you drastically improve your marketing campaigns via concrete measurable data!

PLUS: Subtle lead generation as a bonus!

Let’s face it – research has shown that traditional “in-your-face” marketing or “creative” advertising methods don’t work as well anymore.

That’s because people are so exposed to such methods that their brains automatically “switch off” when they come across such ads!

Hence, by giving out more valuable content to your target audience, the barrier for them to click through to read is lowered significantly.

So if you want to be seen as the expert in your industry through providing meaningful education, if you want to be viewed as the go-to authority in your field via purposeful branding, if you want your marketing campaigns to experience explosive ROI

You know that you MUST get involved in Content Marketing that works, RIGHT NOW!

If you’re ready to find out more about how a solid Content Marketing strategy can benefit your business, Wordplay’s glad to help!

Just invest 1 hour of your time and I’ll share with you how you can apply Content Marketing specifically to your business, as well as how it can potentially complement your other marketing efforts.

Simply fill in the form below with your details to book your FREE “Content is King” Consultation Session right now!

I’ll contact you within 2 working days to tell you more, and also arrange your session at a time and venue convenient for us both!

I look forward to meeting you soon and get your business started on the RIGHT Content Marketing journey!

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