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Successful Businesses Have One Thing In Common

All successful businesses have one thing in common: Constant education to their prospects about the perks of doing business with them. This can be done through ads, social media, brochures, or any channels that allow communication with their prospects. Failure to Educate = Failure to Sell. So here are 5 basic pieces of info you [...]

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Most mediocre businesses are small fishes in a big pond.

Everyone fighting for the same limited number of customers, yet no one has a discernible advantage over the other. Profits will always be meager in that kind of setting. They may think that because the particular market they’re in is so big, there’re plenty of customers to go around. What they fail to consider is [...]

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How To Consistently Write a Killer Copy

Would you like to know how to consistently write killer copy that can instantly convert your prospects into rabid buyers who'll buy from you time and time again? Here're 3 skills (in order of importance) you need to write a killer persuasive copy: 1) Sales psychology You need to know the target audience’s biggest fears [...]

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How To Come Up With A Strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Coming up with a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is always a big challenge for many businesses. But if you do manage to find one, it can definitely help you dominate your niche within a short time, as your prospects will be magnetically drawn to your unique solution. Here’re some qualities a powerful USP must [...]

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Here’s a Copywriting Tip I Don’t See Anyone Else Giving: Read Comic Books

If you’re a serious entrepreneur or business owner, you’re probably big on reading business related non-fiction books. For persuasive copywriting specifically, there’re many awesome books out there that share powerful copywriting techniques and strategies. Learning from those books, assuming you can grasp and apply what you learn, will make you reasonably good at copywriting. But [...]

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There’s one peculiar thing about business owners that really seriously shocks me!

Many do not know their competition well. They think that just by doing their own thing to the best of their abilities, then it’s enough. That customers will flock in masses to them. That the profits will flow like a running tap. Perhaps they believe quotes like “The only competition is yourself”, or this classic [...]

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The Profitable Way To Easily Turn Your “Boring” Marketing Materials Into Automated Lead Generation Machines… By Simply Changing Your Words!

When I look through some of my clients' copy (before they engage me), i realise that many of them are committing copywriting's biggest sin: Being Boring! They write their their sales copies like school essays or reports. Long and draggy sentences. Too "proper sounding". Feels unnatural. That's why their marketing materials did not get them [...]

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Persuasive copywriting is mostly a science, not an art…

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have “artsy” elements to it. If there’s one powerful art to a killer copy, it’s finding the right words to paint a vivid picture in your readers’ head, capturing their imagination and leading them down the path to the sale. And there’s actually a scientific way of doing that. [...]

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How To Speed Up Your Business Profits

I've worked with plenty of established brands/companies. I've also worked with some smaller and newer ones. What i realised is that for my persuasive copywriting skills, getting results for these 2 groups requires totally different strategies. For the established companies, it's a lot more straightforward. The foundation is there already. The fanbase, the branding, the [...]

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