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Most mediocre businesses are small fishes in a big pond.

Everyone fighting for the same limited number of customers, yet no one has a discernible advantage over the other. Profits will always be meager in that kind of setting.

They may think that because the particular market they’re in is so big, there’re plenty of customers to go around. What they fail to consider is that although market size is big, amount of competitors is a lot as well.

In order to scale up, step up and prosper, one way is to enter a new niche.

A smaller, more targeted niche but still with a sizable group of customers. A niche where the number of players are smaller, and not fulfilling a desire of the market place. A niche where you can make waves and dominate.

In other words, be the big fish in a smaller pond. It’s a sure-fire way to long-term business success.