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5 Valuable Lessons from Seasoned Direct Response Copywriters

Direct-response copywriting is a form of copywriting that involves communicating with audiences in a way that they are compelled to take a certain action. It has been around for almost a century, starting with mail-order advertising to today’s long form sales copies in online landing pages […]

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The Cheat Sheet to Emotional Persuasion

How do people make their decisions? How do they choose between product A and product B? What makes them surrender their money after simply reading a long form sales copy? Well, persuasive copywriters see that buying behaviour is not always crafted by logic and common sense; oftentimes, it is driven by impulse. It’s the emotions [...]

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5 Handy Techniques to Tell a Captivating Story

Storytelling is an essential part of copywriting services. Well, it is the locus of copywriting. When you are trying to sell something to your readers, you need to convince them that your item is worth their time, money, and experience. They won’t believe you when you say that it’s “worth it” upfront though. You have [...]

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5 Immortal Ideas from Dead Copywriters

The art of advertising has been around throughout history; in fact, it is one of the oldest crafts ever invented that’s still very much alive and kicking. It may have undergone various facelifts through changing trends and advancing technologies, but its core foundations remain the same. And yes, if you are to compare copywriting agencies [...]

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What Makes a Truly Effective Copywriter?

What makes the most mundane products sell like hotcakes? Sometimes you are left baffled at how some things drive in sales despite lacking in quality or rave reviews. Guess what: it all boils down to having an effective copywriter on board. […]

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How to Write an Effective Call to Action?

In the world of marketing, there is this one part of your sales pitch that tells your readers what they should do, and this is known as the “call to action.” Perhaps you’ve seen clickable buttons on a landing page that say “BUY NOW!” or “Subscribe!” or “Give Me Access!” All these are forms of [...]

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A Quick Guide to Landing Page Optimization

When you are using your website to generate a customer base, of course you will be advised to fill it up with content that entices your audience to get to know more about your products and services, and ultimately try out whatever it is you are offering. However, you cannot rely on a glamourised website alone; nor should you be content with a landing page that tells your readers what to do. You also need to optimize your landing page. […]

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What is Direct Response Copywriting?

Copywriting comes in different forms and styles. However, while all kinds of copywriting aim for the same thing, which is to convert an audience into a new batch of customers, it is important that you know the kind of copywriting method to use for your business. If you happen to want to do more than just promote your products and services through different platforms, or if you want to focus on laser-targeted conversions, then it is a must that you learn the ins and outs of direct response copywriting. […]

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Key Reasons Your Business Needs a Viral Headline

One of the goals most business owners want to achieve when working with a copywriter is a viral headline. Well, among many things, going viral gives your brand and business an immediate fifteen minutes of fame, if not overnight stardom. But more than simply becoming popular, there are many other reasons a brand needs to go viral. […]

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Always Over Delivering…

A client of mine engaged a web designer before bringing me onboard. Paid him 2k to revamp the site. Not a big amount, but not irrelevant either. I took a look at the new site. It looks bad. And according to my client, the designer is a tad arrogant, slow in delivering, and demanding. Yeah... [...]

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