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Here’s a Copywriting Tip I Don’t See Anyone Else Giving: Read Comic Books

If you’re a serious entrepreneur or business owner, you’re probably big on reading business related non-fiction books. For persuasive copywriting specifically, there’re many awesome books out there that share powerful copywriting techniques and strategies.

Learning from those books, assuming you can grasp and apply what you learn, will make you reasonably good at copywriting.

But you know what? You won’t be GREAT at it.

Because the books don’t teach you one very important skill in writing a persuasive copy: Being Conversational (writing as if you’re speaking directly to the reader).

It’s really not something you can just teach. Either you can write that way, or you can’t. Even if you follow everything you learn from copywriting books, not being conversational will affect the persuasiveness of your copy.

For me, I don’t have that problem, since I’ve been reading comic books since I was a kid. Not so much now, but I was a huge fan during my school days.

Almost all the text in comic books are conversations. That’s why it’s so engaging. It’s why comics are page turners (the well-written ones). It’s so simple and refreshing to read.

And the best part is… it’ll provide you with plenty of inspiration and ammunition for your persuasive copy.

Just take a look at the image below. In just that one comic book page, I’ve already picked out a few potentially very engaging phrases that I can use to make my persuasive copy more entertaining and readable.

This conversational style is a powerful way to hook the readers and make them read every word.

When you read enough comics, the talent to write conversationally will automatically be imprinted in your writing style. So if you think comic books are a waste of time, only for kids or there’s no value in reading them, you’re wrong.

Don’t just watch Spiderman, X-Men, Batman etc in the movies. Go read about them and become conversational in your writing!

P.S. If you’re not the comic book superhero loving type, novels can have the same effect. Mystery, romance, fantasy and just about every other genre.