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Are You a Commodity to Your Client?

There’s one problem many service providers seem to face: Being Seen As A Commodity By Their Clients.

It’s such a shame, because many service providers, be it web designers, facebook marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters etc, have in-depth knowledge about what they do. It’s just that they fail to let their clients and prospects see that. And hence, commodity status awaits.

I faced this problem initially when i first started out as a copywriter. It was painful and i really did not like it. I know what most other run-of-the-mill copywriters in Singapore are charging: Around 20c to 40c per word.

I followed their pricing models for a while, albeit at a slightly higher rate. But still… the commodity status was still attached to my service.

And when you’re seen as a commodity, clients seem to have a hold over you. They don’t respect what you do. They don’t value what you do. They have the power over you. Not something anyone wants, i’m sure.

One day i decided that enough is enough. So i came up with a strategy that would elevate me from a commodity, to a valued expert my clients will pay top money for.

Today, I’m no longer a commodity. My clients trust me, value me and look to me for something not many others can provide: proven results. When i feel valued, i feel more compelled to give my best. It’s a “benefit cycle” that ensures everyone wins.

So how do you become an expert rather than a commodity? There were some specific strategies i used which would take too long to explain here, but overall it hinges on two factors: Proven Results and Constant Education.

Educate, instead of selling. Give results, instead of charging by time, effort or in my case, number of words.

If you can do that, you’ll be amazed at the change in perception your clients and prospects will have towards you!

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