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How To Consistently Write a Killer Copy

Would you like to know how to consistently write killer copy that can instantly convert your prospects into rabid buyers who’ll buy from you time and time again?

Here’re 3 skills (in order of importance) you need to write a killer persuasive copy:

1) Sales psychology

You need to know the target audience’s biggest fears and desires, and link your product/service to fulfilling those desires, and easing those fears.

Sometimes, those fears and desires are not even apparent to them on the surface because they’re buried deep within. So it’s your job to bring up those feelings to the surface, channel them and lead them down the path to taking the action you want.

2) Marketing knowledge

Once you successfully persuade them to accept your solution, it’s time to make them an irresistible offer. Something they can’t refuse, reject or repel.

And that’s where marketing knowledge comes in. You need to justify the value of what you’re offering and make accepting the offer their only logical choice.

3) Language skills

There’re certain power phrases and words to use that can make your copy more persuasive and engaging. Being grammatically correct is important as well.

But in contrary to what most people think, language skills are not as important as sales psychology and marketing knowledge when it comes to writing a persuasive copy that converts.

With these 3 elements, you’ll be able to wow your prospects and make them whip out their wallets… giving them no choice but to buy from you again and again.