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How to Write an Effective Call to Action?

In the world of marketing, there is this one part of your sales pitch that tells your readers what they should do, and this is known as the “call to action.” Perhaps you’ve seen clickable buttons on a landing page that say “BUY NOW!” or “Subscribe!” or “Give Me Access!” All these are forms of call to action, and as short as they may be, they instruct readers to do a particular action. Once people click on the call to action, they are then prompted to take the  following steps to complete a sale, subscription, membership, etc.

If you are marketing a brand or business, then it is a must that you know how to write an effective call to action (or CTA). CTAs are integral in website copywriting, and their absence in a sales copy always leads to a disaster.

But how do you come up with an effective call to action? Here are some tips:

  1. Promote a sense of ownership.

If you may have observed in TV ads, pitchmen would use the word “you” and “your” in their CTAs. These include:

  • Get your free copy today!
  • Secure your seat!
  • Buy your tickets now!

The word “your” makes a person feel like he or she is being compelled to own something, which does not always sound right. In contrast, the word “my” promotes a higher sense of ownership on the part of the prospective client, as they feel like there are doing the action out of their own will. This is very important when selling something to your target market, as more than citing a need, you have to make them feel like they own your offer. This way, the more inclined they are to click your CTA button.

  1. Offer information instead of quotation.

A lot of people are turned off by direct sales pitches, and to a certain extent they feel the same way towards CTAs. But what if you project your CTA to offer information, and not a direct quote?

When prospective clients start to inquire about your offers, they would ask questions, such as features, freebies, and pricing information. It would then be better to craft CTAs that seem to provide the answers to their questions, as the more information they get, the more convinced they are to purchase your product or service.

  1. Use a language that appeals to your target customer.

What kind of language does your market speak? You should know how your audience speaks, as this is how they will fully understand what you are saying and what it is you want them to do. For example, you are offering a weight loss regimen and your audience consists of people who are overweight and want to make a big change in their lives. Instead of simply urging them to lose weight, you can say something like, “Discover the new you! Get started!”

Meanwhile, if you are offering men’s accessories, why not say “BUILD YOUR MANPACK TODAY!” as this appeals more than simply asking them to buy your products. Using the right words matter not just in your CTAs, but in website copywriting in general, as they create a connection that your readers wouldn’t want to let go of.

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