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A Quick Guide to Landing Page Optimization

When you are using your website to generate a customer base, of course you will be advised to fill it up with content that entices your audience to get to know more about your products and services, and ultimately try out whatever it is you are offering. However, you cannot rely on a glamourised website alone; nor should you be content with a landing page that tells your readers what to do.

You also need to optimize your landing page.

Why? The answer is simple. You have to lead your audience to the direction you want them to go, and that is your website’s landing page. When you optimize your landing page, you not only attract a bigger audience, but is also increases their inclination to do whatever it is that you want them to do- it may be buying your product, signing up for your newsletter, or trying your latest freebies.

Optimizing a website’s landing page can be tricky, but you may follow this quick guide for a start:

  1. Place your call-to-action button at a strategic part of your landing page.

There’s this popular cliché that says, “shoot now, ask questions later.” The same can be said when positioning your call-to-action (CTA) button on your landing page. Your CTA needs to be placed in an area where it grabs immediate audience attention. This is a must because when your readers do not immediately notice your CTA, the more room they are given to think and contemplate about your offer.

By placing them in a state of shock and urgency, the more compelled your readers become in clicking your CTA.

  1. Your ad headline should match your landing page headline.

One thing most sales copywriters recommend when optimizing a landing page is to create consistency between the ad headline and the landing page headline. This promotes name recall, and it reduces the risk of making your audience confused as to what you are actually offering.

If your ad says “Try it for FREE,” your landing page headline should also say “Try it for FREE.” This not only gives a strong message, but also a credible vibe coming from your company, as readers think that you mean what you say in terms of offering something for free.

  1. Maintain a personal conversation.

When you start your landing page copy with a personal tone, as if talking to your reader, then you should maintain a personal tone all throughout the write-up. Switching to a generic voice will lose the bond that you have established with your reader, and it will also destroy the momentum your reader has built while going through your landing page.

Any sales copywriter would advise you to make your reader feel loved and recognized until the end of your pitch. This way, they become more eager to click your CTA even if it took time for them to consider your offer.

  1. Value your keywords.

Of course, when you want an optimized landing page, you need to use the right keywords, and use them well. Make sure that they make sense in your paragraphs, not just inserted for SEO purposes. Think of them as tokens. People insert tokens to access a game or get a ride; in the same manner, they use keywords to find a product or service that you offer.

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