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Persuasive copywriting is mostly a science, not an art…

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have “artsy” elements to it.

If there’s one powerful art to a killer copy, it’s finding the right words to paint a vivid picture in your readers’ head, capturing their imagination and leading them down the path to the sale.

And there’s actually a scientific way of doing that.

I’m going to reveal a simple 5–step process you can follow to use this advanced copywriting technique to your advantage. So here goes…

1) List down the FEATURES of your product

Features mean the details, measurements or specifications of your product.

If you’re selling a wallet, some features can be light-weight, has 10 compartments, made with premium leather etc.

2) Turn your FEATURES into BENEFITS

Attach a benefit to each feature, which will either solve an existing problem or fulfil a desire.

For example, light-weight means easy to carry. 10 compartments mean you can fit all your stuff inside. Made with premium leather means it’ll enhance your image.


By now, your readers will probably have some questions about the product that they’re dying to ask. So answer them before they even have a chance to voice them out.

Example: You need a wallet that’s easy to carry because…

4) Appeal to their SENSES

Use words that link your product to their senses: See, Feel, Taste or Smell.

Example: Imagine not having to ever worry about wallets that leave an ugly bulge and make you feel like you’re carrying a heavy load in your pants.

5) ACTION VERBS instead of adjectives

A killer copy shouldn’t have too many adjectives, because adjectives are mostly fluff. In contrary, action verbs are attention grabbers that pull your readers deep in and leave them mesmerised.

Example 1: This is a great-looking, premium, beautiful wallet.

Example 2: This wallet will turn heads and stop traffic.

Which one gets your attention?

That’s the 5-Step process we use to capture and lead our readers’ imagination. Do give it a try. You’ll definitely see better conversions from your copy if you use it right.