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The Profitable Way To Easily Turn Your “Boring” Marketing Materials Into Automated Lead Generation Machines… By Simply Changing Your Words!

When I look through some of my clients’ copy (before they engage me), i realise that many of them are committing copywriting’s biggest sin: Being Boring!

They write their their sales copies like school essays or reports. Long and draggy sentences. Too “proper sounding”. Feels unnatural.

That’s why their marketing materials did not get them any leads, sales or customers.

Can’t really blame them i guess. We’ve been conditioned to write that way in our years of formal education. Took me a while to get rid of that nasty habit too…

So should you, if you ever want to write persuasive copy that sells. If you wrote the persuasive way in school, your English teacher would’ve probably gone batshit crazy and failed you immediately.

But this isn’t school. Who cares about using “proper English”? It hurts the eyes. Doesn’t persuade. Doesn’t captivate. Doesn’t sell.

So here’s something you can do. It goes against everything you ever learned in school. But trust me, it works.

Write like you’re talking. Talking to a prospect who’s in front of you. You’re selling to him. Persuading him. Capturing his imagination. Leading him to where you want him to go: Buying from you.

Stop making your copy sound like a boredom inducing school essay. Start making it a killer salespitch in text.

When you do that, i confirm guarantee chop that your marketing materials will instantly become automated lead generation machines!