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How To Speed Up Your Business Profits

I’ve worked with plenty of established brands/companies. I’ve also worked with some smaller and newer ones. What i realised is that for my persuasive copywriting skills, getting results for these 2 groups requires totally different strategies.

For the established companies, it’s a lot more straightforward. The foundation is there already. The fanbase, the branding, the track record etc. When we come in with my persuasive copy and marketing funnel, it’s easy for them to breakthrough their glass ceiling and scale fast.

For the newer businesses, it’s a lot more complicated. There’s no branding. No recognition. No track record. No matter how great a copy we do, results will be limited because the foundation is not set up yet.

It’s like giving a rocket launcher to a recruit with zero firearms training. Powerful weapon, but they can’t use it right. They may even misfire and end up hurting themselves.

So how can a new business get results fast? Here’re a few things they can do:

1) Create a compelling brand
Tell your brand story. Showcase your brand values. Let the target audience know more about what you do, why you do it, who exactly you do it for.

2) Craft a strong Unique Selling Point
Position against competitors. Find out the gaps in the market they’re not filling. Then fill it. Make sure the USP is not only unique, but adds massive value also.

3) Build up a solid track record
Get plenty of testimonials and endorsements. Proudly show how customers have benefited from what you do. It may be a good idea to create a time-sensitive irresistible offer to get as many customers in as possible. Don’t see them as just people that give you money, but potential testimonial givers and word-of-mouth advocates.

4) Be seen as a authority in your niche
Educate. Then educate even more. Create blog posts, FB posts, emails etc. Give your prospects value-added educational content. What problems your product/service can solve. Why is your product different from your competitors’. How can they benefit from it. Etc etc.

Off the top of my head, these are a few pointers. It’ll not be an overnight process. This foundation will take probably 3-6 months, if done right.

Then, persuasive copy + a marketing funnel geared to get high conversions come in. That’s when the leads and sales will soar… FAST!