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No progress. No improvement. No breakthrough.

Does this frustrate you? It should!

Here’s a shocking fact: It’s not about how great your product is, how long you’ve been around, or how established you are.

Sure, those things help. But what really matters is the persuasive message you deliver to your audience. Without that killer persuasive hook in your marketing materials, most of your target audience won’t even be interested to give your product a shot.

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  • Radically shorten your sales cycle by funneling red-hot leads from your marketing materials (closing them will be like shooting fish in a barrel!)
  • Unleash irresistible persuasive messages that will get your prospects and customers (even the most skeptical ones) to do what you want, and do so happily and willingly.
  • Turn casual prospects into raving and paying customers, and customers into brand champions who’ll buy from you repeatedly, and refer you to their networks.
  • Dominate your niche by creating a strong unique differentiation that sets you apart from the competition.

“Ronald’s super persuasive copy brought in $500,000 worth of leads, a 7X improvement from my old copy!

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- Imran Md Ali

Founder, The Profits Academy
Business Coach, Mentor & Published Author”


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I’m confident that he can add value to your business, increase conversions and bring in more sales with his copywriting skills.”

- Sant Qiu

Highly-Sought After Profit Strategist
Author of National Bestsellers “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche” & “Niche Dominators”


Brought in more than $40,000 worth of sales!

“Ronald made an important contribution to the success of the Charisma Conference 2013, which was a record breaker in terms of attendance (300 attendees), and brought in more than $40,000 worth of sales. Ronald will be an important partner in overseeing Charisma Academy’s growth, as we strive to hit new heights in the near future. I’m proud to say that Ronald is a valued member of Team Charisma!”

- Eric Feng

Chief Charisma Officer, Charisma Academy Pte Ltd